Baptisms and Dedications

Water Baptism will be conducted
13 November 2016
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When you have decided to follow Jesus as Lord, you will want to have a full immersion baptism.
We are a church that practises full immersion baptisms
and underneath our stage is a heated baptism pool used specifically for that purpose.
If you would like to be baptised and are part of a church that doesn’t have its own baptism facilities
please contact us to arrange a time to use our church.
We would love to help in this way.

For babies and infants who are too young to make a decision to be baptised, we can arrange a dedication.
This is a time for prayer and commitment of the child to the Lord,
but it’s also a time where parents dedicate themselves to raising their child in the ways of God.
If you would like your child to be dedicated, please contact us to arrange a time.


Cornerstone Christian Church
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